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  •  WGNinHR is pleased to announce a partnership with where members can enjoy savings on a Premium Edition month-to-month subscription to  Members can now take advantage of a vast library of resources which will build knowledge and critical skills through self-study. This partnership with is yet another opportunity to build business acumen and strengthen skills needed for today and tomorrow. With a Premium Edition subscription to, WGNinHR members can:

    • Access the library of over 8,500 video lessons - from general business to human resource management - taught by experienced teachers who are experts in their fields and skilled at explaining complex topics

    • Explore difficult subjects with simple, bite-sized lessons, many with engaging examples and graphics to reinforce concepts

    • Use practice tests, tools, and coaching to help master the material and track progress

    • Obtain Certificates of Completion

Contact for *preferred pricing and subscription details.


  • Through an exciting partnership between Columbia Business School and WGNinHR, you can receive select executive education courses at *preferred pricing.  These Ivy League credentials will serve to build your business acumen through the in-classroom and online courses included in this partnership. Columbia Business School Executive Education is dedicated to delivering programs that engage, motivate and empower executives at all levels. Contact for pricing details


  • Share best practices -  and create our own - around targeted professional development strategies that help to propel us to new levels.  These include:

    • white papers, articles, videos, etc.

    • networking and shared learning through Meet Ups - New York City only

  • Receive mentorship through WGNinHR.  Mentors establish a relationship with a mentee where knowledge, wisdom, advice and support can be provided to him/her within mutually agreed upon boundaries.  It’s giving back at a very personal level. *Note: you do NOT have to be a member of WGNinHR to serve as a mentor.

  • Participate in '1:many' Coaching Labs supported by your peers - one of the best and most potent kinds of professional development! Through 1:many coaching you'll engage with those who’ve either ‘been-there-done-that’ or simply bring a solutions mindset to issues and challenges. We'll tap our own robust network of leaders to sharpen each other to help you deal with real-life issues in the workplace.  Members access a private page to share a career or leadership development issue around which they desire to be coached and send their submissions

    WGNinHR will make the match between the member and those 1-3 colleagues who are willing to engage as coaches to that member. Coaches will come prepared with creative thinking, a solutions mindset, concrete examples and guidance on next steps.  These groups will be supported with coaching frameworks and tools provided by WGNinHR.

    No more than 3 **issues a year will be included with this membership benefit.

    Coaching calls will be established among the group coordinated by the coachee.  The total membership benefit for coaching calls within each year  will be 1.5 hours.  For example, members can choose to use their entire hour and a half for calls addressing one issue; or they may decide to use 30 minutes on one issue and an hour on another issue, and so on.

    This benefit is valued at $450










*The preferred pricing arrangement will be less than the course fees displayed on partner sites.

**WGNinHR reserves the right to decline to engage in coaching based on the nature and complexities of the issue.  Coaching is not intended to provide legal advice. 


Please check your email after signup to complete membership

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