Advisory Services / Business Coaching

Successfully coached Boards and CEOs through major business reinvention stages

  • Advisor to Boards and CEOs

  • Executive Coaching

  • Small Group Coaching


Talent Acquisition Redesign / Support

Redesigned entire recruiting function to include new technology, achieving 57% reduction in average vacancy days

  • Defining job profiles; writing job descriptions

  • Reviewing role in context of organizational design

  • Designing streamlined hiring process, including hiring metrics

  • Behavioral interviews and candidate selection

  • Consultation on offer packages

Succession Planning

Achieved 2 to 1 ratio of successors to incumbents for business critical roles​

  • Identifying 'bench' employees as successors for critical roles

  • Assessing talent to understand levels of performance and potential across staff

  • Shaping development plans for successors


Strategic HR Business Partnership

Served as trailblazer in establishing best-practice Workforce Analytics function

  • Designing business-driven strategies and goals

  • Implementing workforce analytics, using data to make predictions/decisions

  • Advising CEOs/C-Suite/HR/Team Leaders on organizational design structures 

  • Designing and facilitating offsite business retreats to strengthen teams and businesses

Change Management

​Led OD initiative which raised revenue for the first time from an HR department 

  • Aligning a change management strategy with the overall business direction

  • Supporting managers/ leaders through transformation initiatives 

  • Creating a blueprint for effective and 'sticky' change

  • Leading organizational development initiatives that increase revenue, decrease costs



Tel: (845) 986-7709


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