HR MEntorship Program

Is This Your Game-Changer?

What if you could have the benefit of a highly personalized, intensive mentorship led by an HR veteran?


And, what if that experience could simultaneously sharpen you, challenge you, support you and may ultimately help to propel you to new heights in your HR career?


If you’re an aspiring or emerging HR professional, this may be your game-changing career opportunity.


Led by Jo Rencher, the Founder and Principal of WGNinHR Consulting, the HR MEntorship Program is a 12-week, group mentoring program available to HR professionals with 3-10+ years of experience in the field. While we’re trained in HR to place everyone else’s needs above our own, this program gives you permission to be completely self-focused. To lean into your own development.

After a more than 25-year career in business, and as a former CHRO, Jo has designed this program to help next generation leaders get to the next level in their HR careers.


Program Structure

Participants will meet each week, engaging in 6 modules, each module lasting 2 weeks.


Module 1: Securing Your Personal ‘Sponsor’ / Planning for ‘What’s Next’ (defining the role(s) that can help to navigate your career advancement; shaping an HR landscape of opportunities)


Module 2: Protecting Your Health and Wellness (acknowledging the ‘ugly’ moments in the life of HR; 6 steps to sustaining health and wellness in an exhausting field)


Module 3: Exploring Traditional and Non-Traditional HR Career Paths (what is the full scope of HR?; should you be a generalist or specialist?)


Module 4: Avoiding Common HR Pitfalls (5 traps which sabotage up-and-coming HR leaders and how to avoid them)


Module 5: Your Untapped Skills (understanding the power of transferable skills, how to identify and fully leverage them)


Module 6: The Future of HR (today’s HR is not yesterday’s; tomorrow’s HR is being written…now! What role will you play?)


At the end of the 12-week program and fueled by their own 100% commitment, participants can expect to come away with:

  • Increased confidence

  • Sharpened skills

  • Psycho-social support through peers and facilitator

  • Solutions to specific problems and challenges

  • A career map of possibilities

  • Networking opportunities that expand beyond the life of the program

  • Free resources for your continued individual exploration, including the book, Tough As Nails: Finding Your Voice As a Woman in the Workplace, by Jo Rencher (for men, too!)


The program schedule and other pertinent details will be available upon signing up for the program.


What Now?

Sign up for this free 30-minute Informational Session to determine if this program is right for you.

Do any of these challenges sound familiar? Hover over the box to see a sampling of the toolkit from our Coaching Services.

Heading 4

“I have tons of big, strategic ideas, yet I'm always buried in the weeds.”

  • Personal SWOT Analysis

  • Comfort Zones

  • Understanding YOU

  • Business Visioning

Heading 4

“My team is full of smart, accomplished people, but we can’t seem to get out of our own way.”

  • Secret Sauce of Successful Teams

  • Understanding Team Dynamics

  • Articulating the Team’s Vision

  • Building Team Norms


Heading 4

"Maybe I need to think completely differently about what a ‘career’ really means.”

  • Career Assessments: The Art and Science

  • Reinventing Yourself

  • Developing a Growth Mindset

  • Building Social Capital (relationships, networks, etc.)

Heading 4

“I’m psyched about my promotion…but, now what do I do?!”

  • Your ‘Can’t Fail’ 90-Day Plan

  • Accelerated Acclimation

  • Receiving Feedback

  • Learning New ‘Languages’

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