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Executive Search

WGNinHR’s Search Methodology


All of our work is driven by a laser-like focus in providing customized results. In our search practice, we use each stage of our client interaction— beginning with the very first contact— to understand your business needs, pain points, and opportunities to be leveraged. We employ an extensive global network in order to build a candidate pool uniquely matched to your job specifications. We test and refine the process along the way, until you’re fully satisfied that the first few interviews are the best use of your time and ours. We employ all of our firm’s values in the search process, but specifically, those of speed and precision. Our aim is to accelerate the search process to ensure search outcomes.

Our Engagements

WGNinHR works to identify, assess and place top talent across the United States territories.


We recognize the power of all types of diversity—including diversity of thought—as we strive to bring a variety of backgrounds and expertise into the search process.


In partnership with clients, we deploy an extensive process to move from ideation to offer acceptance, and rigorously measure success along the way. Performance metrics include quality of hires, time-to-fill, and the candidate experience.


Areas of Specialization

We place CEOs/Executive Directors, C-suite/senior leaders, and emerging leaders from private, nonprofit/NGO, and the public sectors to fill positions in:

  • Human Resources

  • Operations

  • Information Technology

  • Finance

  • Marketing and Communications

  • Programs

  • Research and Development / Innovation

  • Business Development

  • Legal


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