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The example below is taken from a real-world HR Business Partner challenge



Carolyn has been working as a senior level HR business partner at a leading financial services company for roughly a year.  One of her key internal clients, Joe, is an extremely influential leader.  Carolyn has spent roughly 8 months trying to convince Joe of the importance of her attending all, or even some, of his team meetings in order to get closer to his business.  Joe has continually dismissed this suggestion as unnecessary, and deems it to be a poor use of her time.  Joe generally engages Carolyn as a tactical HR expert and values her problem-solving skills.  However, he remains unclear about the true benefits of an HR business partner. 
At an upcoming check in with Joe, Carolyn would like to raise the issue again, this time employing a different strategy.  She is uncertain as to the approach she wishes to take, and would greatly benefit from coaching towards a very clear outcome – without letting her emotions get the better of her.



Carolyn was coached  using the GROW model (Goal, Reality, Options, Will) and taken through a series of other exercises including shifting her 'Limiting Beliefs'.  It took roughly 4 months for Carolyn to see progress, but she was not only invited to Joe's team meetings, but was asked to facilitate key, strategic portions of them.

The best and most potent kind of professional development is from 1:1, or 1:many interactions with those who’ve either ‘been-there-done-that’ or simply bring a solutions mindset to issues and challenges.  It’s true that iron sharpens iron – so we’re tapping into our own robust network of leaders to sharpen each other as we deal with real-life issues in the workplace....issues such as the true example shared above.  How do you participate in these Coaching Labs?

  • Members access a private submissions page to share a career or leadership development issue around which they desire to be coached.   

  • WGNinHR will make the match between the member and those 1-3 colleagues who are willing to engage as coaches to that member. Coaches will come prepared with creative thinking, a solutions mindset, concrete examples and guidance on next steps.  These groups will be supported with coaching frameworks and tools provided by WGNinHR.

  • No more than 3 issues a year will be included with this membership benefit.

  • Coaching calls will be established among the group coordinated by the coachee.  The total membership benefit for coaching calls within each year will be 1.5 hours.  For example, members can choose to use their entire hour and a half for calls addressing one issue; or they may decide to use 30 minutes on one issue and an hour on another issue.  

These '1:many' coaching sessions are designed for you as a WGNinHR member, supported by your peers.  Peer-to-peer learning at its best!

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