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In Classroom Programs:


Brand Leadership: Strategy, Management, and Performance

This program gives you the knowledge, skills, and tools to lead your brand for maximum impact in today's global and digital marketplace.


Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy

Learn how to achieve customer engagement when the customer is an organization, not an individual or household, and acquire the concepts and tools to implement a strategy to build competitive advantage.


Creating and Executing Breakthrough Strategy

Introduces the Strategic Learning process—a unique way of integrating strategic analysis, focus, alignment and execution—and gives practical guidelines for implementing new strategic directions.


Digital Business Strategy: Leading the Next-Generation Enterprise

Digital Business Strategy focuses on big data analytics, experiment-driven innovation, and disruptive business models to address your organization’s future in the digital age.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Learn the concepts, best practices, and tools to reach digitally savvy audiences, build deep customer relationships, and create new markets, products, and business models.


Digital Marketing Strategy II

This two-day workshop style program leads participants through the development of their own strategic marketing plan for their businesses. Participants apply the strategic planning framework taught in Digital Marketing Strategy to their own challenges.


Digital Marketing Strategy Week

Take Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Marketing Strategy II in succession to put the concepts, best practices, and tools into action by developing your own strategic digital marketing plan.


Digital Storytelling Strategy

Digital Storytelling Strategy puts you at the center of new media. Learn how the immersive digital experience can be used to engage customers and prospects in a whole new way.


Driving Strategic Impact: Mastering Consulting Skills

Learn tools used by top-tier consulting firms to become more effective at analyzing and resolving strategic problems for your organization and clients.


Emerging Leader Development Program

Participants focus on leadership, strategy formulation, decision making and negotiating, and change management, and use 360-degree feedback to become stronger leaders.


Finance and Accounting for the Nonfinancial Executive

This program utilizes hands-on workshops, discussions and case studies to deepen participants' understanding of finance and accounting for better management and decision-making capabilities.


Financial Analysis and Valuation for Strategic Decision Making

This three-day program provides executives with a closer look at the intersection between business strategy and financial strategy.


High Impact Leadership

Offers executives a profound understanding of how they are perceived as leaders in the context of their organization through a dynamic mix of lectures, discussions, 360-degree feedback, one-on-one coaching and self-assessment tools.


Innovate on Demand: Creativity as a Skill, Not a Talent

This program will show you how to drive innovation by generating creative solutions to the challenges of new product design and positioning.


Leading Business Change Through Analytics

Leading Business Change Through Analytics enables senior managers to drive business decisions more efficiently with data.


Leadership Essentials

During this two-day program, participants improve their abilities in such areas as team leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict management, and managing change.


Leading Strategic Growth and Change

Focuses on finding opportunities, launching new ventures, and leading necessary organizational changes to revitalize an organization.


Negotiation Strategies: Creating and Maximizing Value

Through a hands-on approach, participants learn how to negotiate more effectively with various parties, from clients to internal constituencies.


Personal Leadership and Success

Uses breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience and cognitive behavior therapy to provide techniques for tangible personal improvements and greater leadership skills.


Persuasion: Influencing Without Authority

An intensive three-day experience focusing on practical skills for real-world persuasive situations ranging from one-on-one negotiations to driving change in an organization's culture.


Powering Organizational and Individual Performance: Leveraging Neuroscience in Executive Learning

This two-day program is designed specifically for learning and development professionals, providing the latest research to assist in attracting, cultivating, and retaining a talented workforce.


Pricing Analytics: The Art and Science of Profitable Growth

This program focuses on using business analytics to understand customers and determine the right prices and products to target them.


Strategic Intuition

Based on William Duggan's books, this program offers breakthrough ideas, methods, and tools for generating creative ideas that are also strategic.


Value Investing

Building on the seminal work of Professors Benjamin Graham and David Dodd '21, this program extends the legacy of value investing at the place where it all began.



Online Programs:


Driving Strategic Impact (Online)

Delivered in a flexible learning schedule, participants use video-lectures, exercises, and online engagement to learn tools used by top-tier consulting firms for more effective analysis and resolution of strategic problems.


Personal Leadership (Online)

Tools for tangible personal improvements and greater leadership skills through a distinctive set of video-lectures, delivered with a flexible learning schedule and self-reflection exercises.


Strategic Intuition (Online) Part 1: From Mind to Method

Learn the art and science of idea generation during this five-week online program.


Strategic Intuition (Online) Part 2: From Method to Action

Learn how to apply a new and effective innovation method to your business during this five-week online program. Strategic Intuition (Online) Part 1, or successful completion of the face-to-face program or a Strategic Intuition session in another Executive Education program, is a prerequisite.



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