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Advisory Services / Business Coaching

Successfully coached Boards and CEOs through major business reinvention stages

  • Advisor to Boards and CEOs

  • Strategic/Operational Planning

  • C-Suite Support

Talent Acquisition 

Redesigned talent acquisition function to include new technology, achieving 57% reduction in average vacancy days

  • Leveraging employer value proposition (EVP)

  • Designing and developing career site

  • Recruitment marketing

  • Defining job profiles aligned with organizational design/business strategy

  • Optimizing recruitment process, applying key metrics

  • Assessing and recommending technology

  • Activating/elevating social media and digital strategies 

Succession Planning

Achieved 2 to 1 ratio of successors to incumbents for business critical roles​

  • Identifying 'bench' employees as successors for critical roles

  • Assessing talent to understand levels of performance and potential across staff

  • Shaping development plans for successors

Strategic HR 

Served as trailblazer in establishing best-practice Workforce Analytics function

  • Designing business-driven strategies and goals

  • Implementing workforce analytics, using data to make predictions/decisions

  • Advising CEOs/C-Suite/HR/Team Leaders on organizational design structures 

  • Designing and facilitating offsite business retreats to strengthen teams and businesses

Change Management

Led OD initiative which raised revenue for the first time from an HR department 

  • Aligning a change management strategy with the overall business direction

  • Supporting managers/ leaders through transformation initiatives 

  • Creating a blueprint for effective and 'sticky' change

  • Leading organizational development initiatives that increase revenue, decrease costs

Our Commitment






At WGNinHR Consulting, LLC, we like to think of ourselves as the antidote to common flaws in human resources solutions, executive search and coaching consultation: redundant meetings; repetition without results; thick power point decks. Not here!  Instead, we work to understand you, your context, and your pain points. Our diagnostic approach is gleaned from rich and deep experience used to shape customized recommendations and actionable strategies. The best way to learn what WGNinHR Consulting can do for you and/or your business is to schedule time with us. During this complimentary initial consultation, we will work to quickly identify your most pressing needs, key priorities and longer term objectives. These initial consultations are focused, probing and enlightening. Once we agree to work together, we are confident that you'll see measurable results - and that the journey itself will be rewarding.

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal:

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

Winston Churchill


Joanne is a seasoned and savvy leader who has been a tremendous asset to me and to the business I serve. She has a wonderful ability to assess an issue, diagnose root causes and surface an array of solutions from her deep toolkit. She’s a great listener, teacher and a strong role model of a business leader

CHRO, Financial Services Firm



At our Legal Team Retreat, Joanne worked skillfully and strategically to lead my team in defining our core work, articulating our mission and developing a better understanding of our styles. Thanks to her expertise, the day proved to be rich with learning and important takeaways, and pivotal to the team’s growth and development.

 General Counsel, Workspace/Real Estate Industry Leader



WGNinHR Consulting, LLC just completed a search for our Vice President of People through a robust search process—i.e. support in defining the role, compensation analysis, creative sourcing strategies, etc. They turned over the market and surfaced stellar prospects, identifying our selected candidate after only 8 weeks!

CEO, High Growth SaaS Company

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